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ALLONS-Y ALONSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"We must never know the Doctor's name, what happened to his wife and family, and the real reason he left Gallifrey. These are secrets too tremendous for the mortal mind. And he's only allowed to tell hot French chicks." -- Steven Moffat


1. Members must be 18 or older. Sorry kiddos, I get that Whoverse is fun for the whole family (well, except for Torchwood) but we're keeping it grown up up in here. And by grown up, we mean we really don't want to be responsible for teaching the youngins some new terms to round out their vocabulary, and other sorts of NC-17 subjects. And if you're gonna lie about your age? Don't be a jackass about it and get caught.

2. THIS IS NOT THE SNUGGLENETS. We're gonna make fun of you and we're not going to be nice about it. We're going to be petty, we're going to be mean and we're not going to apologize for it. Feel free to call us out on it, we <3 meta. It warms the cockles of our stone cold multiple-hearts. It's like the filling to our delicious wank donuts. Plz to not be denying our fillings. This is not a safe space. If it makes you feel better, you can snark back all you want. Go on, try it. You might like it.
2a. This does not mean y'all can go batshit with the insults. DW_Drama may not safe, but it's not racist, sexist, sizeist or any other weirdass-ist you can think of. Keep to the snark, and don't make it personal.

3. Posts should involve something about Whoverse, Who fandom or any sort of Who related asshattery that you stumble across on the internets or in real life. Links are love, locked stupids need a screencap. No whining. Firefox makes this shit easy now so there is no reason to not share the dumb with the rest of the class.
3a. BUT! Posts that violate LJ's TOS ("terms of service" for the acronym-challenged) will be deleted. We like it here, we would like to stay here. Don't fuck it up for us.
3b. I SUPPOSE I should warn you that posting stupids, locked or not might get you banned from the community you're getting it from. I SUPPOSE I should say "post at your own risk" but y'all knew that already right?

4. Spoilers need to be behind a goddamn cut FFS. We <3 meta but not that freakin' much. Here's a helpful little tip. If it has found it's way onto a DVD that is sold in stores (and not flea market tables!) then it is NOT spoilerlicious and can be posted without a cut. Everything else? Get your scissors out bitch! We got some cuttin' to do.

5. No trolling personal journals. Do I really need to explain this? Wank stays here. It does not follow a person back to their journal. You troll? You go bye bye. Get it? Got it? Good. Also? No posting stupids from personal journals; unlocked or locked. We're mean but we're not that mean.

6. Macros, gifs, silly icons, pic-spams and other sorts of snarky artsy fartsy crap are welcome and encouraged here! Put under a cut if posting more than one image though. Do you really want a bazillion comments on how messed up F-lists get without them? Didn't think so.

7. NO DELETING COMMENTS. No screening comments. No Deleting posts. We has a banhammer and we're not afraid to use it.